Chief Medical Officer

Anish Mahajan, MD

Health System Executive, Policy Expert, Advocate for Health Equity

A Healthcare Leader

First inspired by his grandfather’s career in public service, Anish’s work is animated by his desire to serve the underserved. He is committed to bold and innovative approaches in health care delivery, policy, and IT to eliminate health disparities and make the experience of our health care system more humane.

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Health Policy Expert

Anish has experience in policy and regulation in both federal and local government. As a White House Fellow at OMB in the Obama Administration, Anish assisted in the creation of the Affordable Care Act. He returned to Los Angeles after passage of the ACA and helped LA County with implementing Medicaid expansion.

Lean Management Believer

To better streamline workflows and funnel resources to where they are most needed, Anish believes in the application of lean principles. As Chief Medical Officer at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, he seeks to eradicate waste and excess in how the system works and lower costs for all Americans as a result.

Vision for Health Equity

As a practicing primary care doctor, Anish knows firsthand how vulnerable communities experiencing the greatest health care disparities often receive fragmented care where providers from different hospitals and clinics are unable to share their medical records. As the Chair of the Board of Directors for LANES Health Information Exchange, Anish has led an initiative in LA to establish a non-profit and community-run HIE as a public utility for underserved communities.

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